The Clue!

The Clue!

The Time: The 1950`s - The Location: London - Your Role: Matt Stuvysunt. Matt is a very poor but ambitious thief, who finds the stresses of life are too much. To improve his standard of living, he decides to commit the ultimate robbery, to steal the Crown Jewels... It is up to you to plot and plan the robbery, to interact with other characters and to use them for your advantage to achieve the most daring robbery of all time... Decieve the Police so that they help you unwittingly... Fall in love with Gangster Moles... But remember to keep you head as the pressure builds up...

Organizing a gang, plan and commit robberies, discover hot locations, all that packed into a humourus story made The Clue! the most successful game by neo so far.

Minimum system requirements: 

The Clue! data files and the SDL-Port