Code Clash

Code Clash

Code Clash is a fast-paced strategy game, where two teams construct units and try to outwit each others tactics - without controlling the actual units. The game is designed so it can be played anywhere and with anyone, with the computer, phone or tablet placed between both players.

-Multiplayer with only one device.
- Play against AI or another human player.
- Easy to learn and hard to master.
- Eleven different units to deploy and utilize.
- Three different teams each with a special super-unit.
- Three difficulty levels for the AI.
- Detailed, retro-modern pixel graphics.
- Complete game. No ads or in-app purchases.

Each team has nine different units available, each one costing a set amount of energy. Energy fills up constantly and as soon as the energy bar reaches up to a specific units cost it can be built by clicking it's button. It will then spawn at a random place on the battlefield and begin taking action. The goal is to destroy the opponents base by deploying various units while keeping defenses up. Factories can increase energy production, but make sure to protect them behind walls and mines. Keep up a steady stream of units, build up energy and launch a huge offensive with several small units or save your energy for the big hitters.

Minimum system requirements: 

Any computer from the last 10 years shouldn't have a problem.

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Developer: E2 Games