CoreBreach is a futuristic "anti-gravity" racing game. It features

  • 6 exciting anti-gravity racing ships from easily agile to ultra-fast
  • 6 beautiful, detailed and futuristic race tracks of varying difficulty
  • 6 different combat weapons incl. the deadly „Zeus Plasma Cannon“
  • career mode with enthralling story-line
  • upgrade ships and weapons with your trophy money
  • unlock bonus tracks by accomplishing special objectives
  • split-screen multiplayer support
  • internet high-scores for global competition
  • time-attack mode for endless challenge
  • support for steering wheels and gamepads
  • create new race tracks or play race tracks other users built
Minimum system requirements: 

RAM: 512MB
GPU: OpenGL 2.1-compatible with 256MB VRAM ; A display >=1024x768
HDD: ~1.0GB

External links:
Developer: CoreCode