CoTerminalApps contains color-terminal games that run on msWindows, OS-X and Gnu/Linux, but can also be rebuilt to run on any OS capable of installing both the GNAT GPL Ada compiler and the GNATColl library.

Includes an RPN calculator and ten kid-friendly apps: Pacman + 9 puzzle games, that use ascii characters only:

* CoTerminalRush (crush.adb)
* BlockSlider (bslid.adb)
* Seven
* A2Z
* Sokoban
* HoleInOne,HoleInOne+4, Nine (Grabarchuk)
* Dirty Dozen
* Pacman

And now the more difficult puzzles have an embedded AutoSolver to help you single step toward a solution.

Minimum system requirements: 

OS-X or GnuLinux with GNAT GPL 2016 installed. Should also work on MSWindows with GNAT installed.

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