Abandoned! There has been no work on this game for quite some time or it was left in an unfinished state.

Cubosphere is an abstract 3D puzzle platformer in which you roll a ball through many strange worlds which mostly just consist of cubes floating in mid-air or in outer space or in even stranger environments. You are able to roll and jump and you are also able to roll over edges, which changes the gravity. The goal of each level is to collect all keys and to roll over the exit before the timer runs out. But you may collect many bonuses on they way for extra-points or extra-time.

Cubosphere is a fully free PC remake of the Playstation game “Kula World” / “Roll Away”.

Gameplay-related features:

  • Many different types of block: Magnets, moving blocks, ventilators, slippery ice, lava, lasers, buttons, and so on.
  • Many collectable extras which give you either bonus-points or change the behaviour of the ball.
  • Enemies: Moving objects which destroy your ball when they touch it.
  • Over 450 levels
  • … in 34 different designs
  • Internal level editor

Technical / non-gameplay features:

  • Full joystick and gamepad support (except for the editor)
  • Programmed in C++
  • Designed as a platform-independent game
  • 3D engine via OpenGL
  • GLSL shaders
  • Lua script support to design own textures and behaviors
  • with English, German and Danish translations


Great game

This game is pretty underrated. It's really fun and pretty mind-bending. This game really demands your 3-dimensional thinking with all this world rotating around you … :-)

Although the version says Beta 0.3, it pretty much plays like a finished game and it already has a huge number of levels with a good learning curve. There are lots of objects and items in the game, adding good variety.

I have this played this game for quite a while and I'm not aware of game-breaking bugs and was able to complete quite a number of levels. I'm still very far from the final level. ;-) I'm in Space now. :D
I found a few minor bugs (the developer is aware) but those only affect rather theoretical situations which don't happen in the real levels.

I think the music, sounds and optical “look and feel” just fits the game perfectly. Of course the graphics aren't ultra-realistic here, but that would miss the point here anyway. The controls are as simple as they can get and get the job done.

One thing which could be improved is that the game doesn't really let you know whether you have completed a level with a perfect score (e.g. score you would have with all bonuses collected), or with something like a “par“ score. The game keeps track of your highest score per-level (which is good) but you don't really know what's a good score or which levels you have completed with all bonuses. You only know which levels you have beaten. Anyway, there are lot of levels, you won't run out of levels anytime soon. :D

It's a bit sad it hasn't been officially finalized yet, maybe it will receive more recognition once 1.0 is out and it will be spread to package managers, game websites and whatnot.