Daedalus - No Escape

Daedalus - No Escape

Daedalus is a multiplayer top down arena shooter inspired by games such as Quake 3 and Alien Breed.

You're in control of a space marine in a closed map, and you have to fight against other players in different game modes using weapons that you pick on the map. The particularity of Daedalus lies in the controls coupled with a fog of war that gives you the same kind of sensations as in a FPS ... but with a different point of view.


  • single player (versus bots), multi player
  • game modes: highscore, deathmatch, last man standing, team deathmatch, capture the flag, instagib
  • 9 cool weapons
  • Map editor
  • No internet connection needed for LAN play
Minimum system requirements: 

opengl 2.0 compatible graphic card