Abandoned! There has been no work on this game for quite some time or it was left in an unfinished state.

Deliantra is a thrilling MMORPG in a retro, pixel art world where magic and monsters abound.

Deliantra is free to download, and free to play. There aren't any premium accounts, and you don't have to pay money to get decent equipment. This free software (some say 'open source') game was built by players like you, and is made available free of charge because we love to play it, and hope that you will too. Please continue your tour of Deliantra by clicking on the arrows above.

Deliantra is a cooperative multiplayer RPG and adventure game set in a classical medieval environment with ubiquitious weapons and magic. The game play is quite similar in style and setting to the venerable games Nethack and Moria. Deliantra, however, is fully graphical and runs in realtime.

What makes Deliantra special is its depth and the sheer amount of maps to explore. The world is vast, with over 4000 lovingly hand-designed maps organized into multiple continents. There are hundeds of monsters to fight, including epic bosses lurking in the depths of Deliantra's dungeons. With 16 unique races, 17 classes, 40 skills, and hundreds of spells to choose from and combine with each other, gameplay in Deliantra is complex and full-featured. The gameplay is also very open and sets very few limits on character development. Of course, the best part about gameplay in an MMORPG like Deliantra is the fun that is to be had by playing cooperatively with others exploring the same world.

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