Welcome to the world of Dosminer!
This text was written by LeMas, the header of the indie studio FRED games AG. All information in this text are official statements.

Short Description
Dosminer is a free indie adventure game, where you have to escape from a virtual world using diffrent types of weapons.
Explore the world, and fight dangerous enemy. Use diffrent types of weapons and attacks, to fight the most difficult enemys. Level up, and get stronger.
Be a hero and escape.

Dosminer is a free indie adventure game, by the FRED games AG wich is indevelopment since 2011. In the year 2013 the FRED games AG decided to restart the project and to make it work on Linux/Mac as well. About a year later, at the end of 2014 the FRED games AG restarted the project again, and added 2D graphics.

1. Graphical User Interface (GUI)
2. Random World Generator
3. 3 different Mobs
4. A few different Items
5. RPG fight style
6. Diffrent types of attacks
7. Animations
8. Day/Night
8.1 Diffrent Mobs at day/night
9. Pause Mode
10. Nice Soundtracks
11. Level System
11.1 including xp etc
12. Eastereggs
13. Stamina System
14. Mana System
15. Autosave
16. Magic attack
17. Better Skill system

Comming soon:
1. HD graphics

Comming not that soon
1. Water
2. fancy animations
3. a lot and a lot more items
4. story
5. a few more things

Dosminer is free. But I am not sure, if it will stay free.

Minimum system requirements: 

Java 7


Thanks for the update

Thanks for the update. Nice video as always and great new features.

Thanks for the frequently feedback.
We are almost done with the next update, hope you'll enjoy.

Cool updates

Nice updates, I like the cow feature. Points for kills would be nice.

The next version will include a xp and level system.
I hope you'll enjoy it :)