Dungeon Prospector

Dungeon Prospector

Dungeon Prospector is old-school dungeon crawler. You're in infinity dungeons (in length and width) full of monsters and treasures. How far can you go and how long can you survive? In game implemented: dungeon generation, leveling, permadeath and other.

Game features:

- Dungeon generation (Castle and cave theme).
- Over 35 items (food/potions/weapons/armor).
- 5 monsters.
- 2 Bosses.
- Rest (similar to hunger).
- Leveling.
- Permadeath.
- Crafting.

Minimum system requirements: 

(Devs note in indieDB: "Made with unity3d - optimized for ubuntu, so it may not work on your distribution. There have already been issues with Debian and Xubuntu. So I recommend you try compatibility with the demo first.")