Security issues and bugs

There are a lot of bugs and security issues that don't get fixed. And thanks to its closed source there is nothing we can do about it.
One of the worst issues is that the website does not use https by default when doing secure things that means unless you explicitly
specify https you password will be submitted in plain text. The client has an option to safe the password in plain text, too.

God knows what else the client does. I wonder why the idea of open source eludes these guys so much. Since they profit from the
open source folding software out there. They might as well give something back.

There are no 32 bit builds and if you ask the developers about it they laugh it off. Sometimes compiling for 32 bit is trivial but they don't even
bother to say if there is a problem or ask the community for help or have somebody else fix it.

Unplayable at the moment

With todays update this has become unplayable on my machine.
Running very slow and crashes a lot.
Debian 7 64 bit.

That game ate my homework

I'm a puzzle game fan, and when I discovered this game I was perplexed at first by it's apparent complexity, but when coming at it again and again, I found it cathartic. Foldit is a calming and yet still challenging experience. In it, we must simulate nature's work, and in a fun way, replicate what has only been glimpsed in real science: manipulate life's building blocks.

I will try and make a point of reminding you to do your homework.


Like chess, on a realy big board with a lot of pieces.