Forsaken (ProjectX)

Forsaken (ProjectX)

In the distant future, the advancement of science has exceeded humanity's ability to control it. During a subatomic experiment, an accident causes an uncontrollable fusion reaction, utterly destroying the surface of the planet Earth.
One year later, Earth has been classified as "condemned" by the ruling imperial theocracy, meaning that it is now legal for anyone to salvage anything left on the planet. Mercenaries from all over come to raid the dead planet, forced to battle not only each other, but the robot sentinels that the government has left behind.

Forsaken was developed by Probe Entertainment a division of Acclaim Entertainment in 1995. Similar to the Descent series but very unique in it's own right. It is now actively maintained by a member of the multiplayer community under the original code name ProjectX.

The code base is a fork of the final patch release with various hidden features exposed, bug fixes, additions and reversing of unpopular changes that appeared in the patch (such as speed reduction).

Minimum system requirements: 

CPU: 133 MHz
RAM: 16 MB
HDD: ~150 MB