Abandoned! There has been no work on this game for quite some time or it was left in an unfinished state.

GL-117 is an action flight simulator for Linux/Unix and MSWindows. Enter the Eagle Squadron and succeed in several challanging missions leading though different landscapes. Five predefined levels of video quality and an amount of viewing ranges let you perfectly adjust the game to the performance of your system. Joystick, mouse, sound effects, music...

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GL-117 Update news

I became interested in GL-117 back in 2014 when I found it performs well on modest LINUX hardware, making it a fun, very basic flight simulation game. I took a look at the source code and found it was pretty well organized, and clean enough to compile without modification on almost any of the popular LINUX desktop distros. I went to the primary web site and (and to their SourceForge archive) and tried to contact the developer to offer help with updates, but I never heard back from anybody. I began to play with the source code. I spent two and a half years making a substantial rewrite, and the result is now known as "Linux Air Combat" or simply "LAC". The graphical details are only slightly improved, but all other areas are vastly improved. For example, it now supports competitive, multiplayer Internet missions. The old arcade-style fight models have been completely rewritten so that now all of the aircraft fly properly according to the best available historic flight data. It also supports live interplayer voice communication with a powerful interface to the well-known "Mumble" VOIP package. I changed the focus to World War II, and at the time of this writing in May of 2018, LAC Version 6.03 supports 45 different aircraft. LAC is completely free and is published in open-source format. It's a great way for people to learn game programming in "C" and "C++", and it's a lot of fun. Learn all about it here: or just do a google search for "Linux Air Combat". Many YouTube videos about LAC are also available through a YouTube search for "Linux Air Combat".

I've updated Linux Air Combat to version 5.64, supporting 53 aircraft of World War II vintage. The feature set is now stable and, after a year and a half of beta testing, I've removed the prominent "Beta Test" label. The vintage "GL-117" graphics are still evident. The soul of GL-117 lives on in this new sim. I salute Tom Drexl and the others that contributed to this legacy. Here's a comprehensive video review in the form of a YouTube playlist:

LAC is now "feature-complete", and the current version is 6.03, supporting 54 aircraft. The distribution includes a precompiled binary that runs nicely on modern, 64-bit versions of desktop Ubuntu Linux, and also on 64-bit PcLinuxOs. The clean, well-organized source code is very easy to compile on all other popular desktop Gnu/Linux distros.

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Not dead, just old

Don't worry: This game is finished and fully playable with a complete campaign mode, tutorials, etc. This game is not dead, it's just old and not updated anymore.

I had some fun hours with this game, I quite liked it. Fun physics, fun to learn, especially fun to hunt down enemy pilots or BE hunted! xD

The number of missions is okay. Not too few, but also not a lot. But you win bronze, silver, gold or even something better in all missions, good for long-time commitment. :-)
Trying to get gold everywhere can be pretty hard

The graphics are obviously way out of date now. So is the game. But if you can get this game to run, I'd give it a quick chance.
I would definitely love to see a remake of this game w/ updated graphics.