Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango

Meet Manny Calavera, travel agent at the Department of Death. But there is trouble in paradise. Help Manny untangle himself from a conspiracy that threatens his very salvation. Manny, a true working stiff, is stuck in his own personal purgatory with the ultimate dead-end job. Employed by the Department of Death, Manny must pick up people in the Land of the Living, bring them to the Land of the Dead, and set them off on a four-year journey across the underworld--an excursion that all souls must make before they come to their eternal resting place. Manny cannot move on until he meets his sales quota, but what he does not know is that the cards are stacked against him. He is caught in the middle of an embezzlement ring that is preventing him from getting the right clients. Manny soon finds this out and steals a prime prospect, setting in motion a chain of events that not only threaten his job but also the eternal destiny of his soul. At the heart of Grim Fandango is a gripping story about one man's journey in a dark underworld fraught with mystery and intrigue.

Minimum system requirements: 

Residual >=0.10 and the patched Grim Fandango data files

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Developer: LucasArts