Head Over Heels (headoverheels2.com)

Head Over Heels (headoverheels2.com)

You can control two characters, each one with his own and completely different ability. Head is feetless, and he has to crawl, quite slowly. However, he has a sort of wings under his arms that allow him to perform big jumps and glide. On the other way, Heels has a very discreet jump and doesn’t glide (he has no arms), but he has huge feet that make him to move at a great speed. When they join, the new character acquires the habilities of both of them. Besides, Head can use a horn to shoot doughnuts to his enemies in order to paralize them; Heels can use a handbag to store an object while not exiting the screen.

This version, already finished, is characterized by the «pixel-art» graphic design by Davit Masiá. It is based in the Spectrum version, and the game development is a carbon copy of the original game. If you were real "aces" playing Head over Heels in your Amstrad, MSX or Spectrum, you will surely be too when playing this version. I conceive the «remakes» in this way, i.e., as the PC version of the original game.

The main characteristics are:

* The "pixel-art" style graphics.
* The game resolution is 640 x 480 pixels.
* The isometric engine casts shadows.
* In the biggest rooms, a camera "follows" the character.
* The game can be saved when you eat the reincarnation fish.
* Available in no more (and no less) than twenty languages: Afrikaans, Bable, Basque, Catalan, Croatian, Danish, English, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latin (yes, in Latin too), Polish, Portuguese (both Portugal and Brazil), Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish (both Spain and Americas) and Valencian.