KarBOOM is a fast-paced local multiplayer car-combat game. Knock other players out the ring, chase the flag, play kar football, and bet on how long you can survive with everyone hunting you! Play in teams or every kar for itself!


  • 12 player shoulder-to-shoulder competition with gamepads or shared keyboard(s).
  • Play in teams, free-for-all, or one against many with different game modes all revolving around the easy to pick up but difficult to master gameplay.
  • Out-bluff, out-wit & out-bid your opponents in Gamble.
  • Be the last player standing in Showdown, as the level changes to destroy careless players.
  • The beautiful game meets kar-combat in KarBall - a team-based based ball sport played with kars.
  • Mix up the rules in Klassic - play hold the flag, compete for possession of the battle ball, play in teams or free-for-all - the klassic KarBOOM for those familiar with the old alphas.
Minimum system requirements: 

300 MB RAM, 250 MB free HD Space