Use your paddle to aim a ball at bricks until all bricks are destroyed, but don't lose your ball. Try to aim for the highscore! LBreakout2 features 31 main levels and over 3000 additional levels with loads of bonuses (bonus points, random bonus, explosive balls, bonus magnet, create new ball, …), maluses (random collision angle, darkness, weak balls, malus magnet, … and special bricks (growing bricks, explosive bricks, regenerative bricks, …). From time to time you get the chance to play bonus levels where you have to reach a certain objective to gain bonus points.
LBreakout2 also features local and network multiplayer modes.

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Developer: Michael Speck


My review

It's a nice little game, but it clearly shows its old age. It has been first released over 15 years ago, I guess.

The gameplay is as simple as it can get: Break all bricks, collect bonuses, avoid maluses. And every 5 levels there's a bonus stage.

It's a nice time waster, but I've seen better breakout games.

The general gameplay is more or less fine and you can find yourself wasting a few hours in this game. The difficulty levels are balanced fine. But there are lots of small things which are just annoying and don't make sense.

Most bonuses and maluses are pretty standard and are known from most other breakout games, they require no discussion.

The most evil malus is definitely freeze paddle. You are completely unable to move for 2 seconds. Collecting this is often a death sentence, especially with fast balls. :D This malus is a genius idea IMO. It doesn't kill you directly, but you sure want to avoid it.

The weirdest feature in the game is definitely that it is possible for the ball to bounce randomly (from a special brick, or by collecting a malus). I think this is the only breakout game with this feature. This is soo annoying, levels can become really messy with these and any skills become null and void when you encounter a level full of random bouncing bricks.

There are tons of levels, and a huge amount of levels from the community. However, the balancing in some level packs is sometimes really messed up. The quality of the extra levels varies greatly from good to totally crazy. Many levels are fine, but there are some real WTF levels from time to time. Either levels filled with bricks with random bounce angle or levels with way too many powerups.

It is possible that you are completely unable to complete a level. This happens when there are normal bricks behind a wall of bricks which can only be destroyed by an energy ball (goes through bricks). If you have missed the energy ball bonus, the level is unsolvable. You have the option to restart a level, but this costs you a life. There is such a level even in the default level pack. I think this hasn't been thought through very well.

I don't like the bonus stages that much, they are not that engaging and become repetitive soon.

The graphics are meh. Graphical effects are pretty basic and rather lacking. But my biggest issue are powerup images. Their coloring (red/green border denoting bonus/malus) is often inconsistend and some images are downright misleading. E.g. there is one powerup which shows “+00:05” in the Classic theme but the powerup adds 7 seconds, not 5. Another problem is that the powerup for the explosive balls and the image for the malus magnet look very similar.

This game supports themes, so the graphics can be switched. But the default themes the game ships with all have some issues.

I have even created my own theme, called “Clean Colors”, it can be downloaded here:

The sounds are pretty boring and monotonous and too repetitive. Most powerups also do not have an unique sound. There is also no music at all. Sounds would probably the number one thing to attack in a remake of this game.