Linux Tycoon

Linux Tycoon

Linux Tycoon is the premier Linux Distro Building Simulator game in the universe.

(Truth be told: It’s probably the only Linux Distro Building Simulation game in the universe.)

So what exactly do you do in a Linux Distro Building game?

So glad you asked! Here’s some examples of the thrilling challenges you’ll find in Linux Tycoon:

Analyzing and selecting software packages.
Fixing Bugs.
Managing volunteers and paid staff.
Keeping the total size (in MB) of your Distro at a reasonable level.
And so much more!

Seriously though. It is fun. (It is a game, after all. You don’t actually fix bugs yourself.)

Basically take all the fun parts of building your own Linux Distro… and take out all the work. Bam! Instant entertainment!

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Developer: Lunduke