Lix is a singleplayer and multiplayer action puzzle game.

Your task is to guide a group of mindless people—the Lix—safely to the exit. They walk forwards until you give them a command (of which you only have limited use) to do something else. You can tell them run, mine, jump, dig, climb, take an umbrella to float down safely, build bridges or platforms, explode, become a brick, block other Lix from passing or punch other Lix with a club. In each level there is a number of Lix you have to safe in order to win. The landscape is (almost) fully destroyable and many hazards await the Lix, such as water (they can't swim), lava, deep pits and many kinds of traps.

This game belongs to the IRS (Interactive Rodent Simulation) genre. The game was inspired by Lemmings, a 1991 game by DMA Design that got ported to a lot of different platforms, most notably Amiga, DOS, and SNES.

The game will sport these features:

  • 3 large singleplayer level sets with over 500 levels in total, ranging in difficulty from relatively easy to very difficult.
  • Networking mode for up to 8 teams. Play a classical 1v1 match,
    a strategical 2v2 team game, a wild free-for-all, or team up
    against the strongest Lix player among your friends.
    (Spectator mode is also available.)
  • New skills like Jumper, Runner, and Platformer. Also, the
    Walker is an assignable skill. The Cuber transforms itself
    into solid terrain very quickly.
  • Exploders have knockback and send everybody
    flying all over the place. The Baseball Batter smashes nearby
    lixes away. Both are perfect to dislodge enemy blockers. ;-)
  • Cylindrical and toroidal maps, and other multiplayer-balancing
    game physics.
  • In-game editor: Design your own levels.
  • Include your self-drawn graphics and use them as terrain,
    entrance hatches, exits, deadly traps, ...
  • Singleplayer mode with action replay, savestates, and other
    features to aid in executing puzzle solutions.
  • Lix is placed in the public domain (CC0). Copy, alter and share the game as you wish.
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