Lord of the Test

Lord of the Test

Lord of the Test is a is a mix of the “voxel sandbox” and the role-playing genres in which the player explores Middle Earth, the fictive continent from the The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkien. It requires the Minetest engine to run. As with all games for the Minetest engine, the world is entirely made out of little cubes.

You can either play as a dwarf, elf, orc, hobbit or man (human). Visit the different regions of Middle Earth, such as Gondor, Trollshaws, Lorien, Fangorn, Ithilien, Mirkwood and of course Mordor. Each region has its different inhabitants which may be peaceful or not-so-peaceful.

There is no strict set goal in Lord of the Test, it is entirely up to you what you do. In Lord of the Test, you can do the following:

  • Explore: Explore the different regions of Middle Earth either by foot or by riding a horse. Sometimes, fortresses and towers can be found
  • Fight: The races on Middle Earth do not live peacefully together. Use melee and ranged weapons to defend yourselves or rob the other inhabitants and take their riches
  • Survive: You need food from time to time to survive. You can also brew your own drinks
  • Dig: Strike the earth and dig deep into the underground to find minerals and ores, like silver, gold and mithril.
  • Farm: Collect seeds from wild plants and multiply them for a constant food supply
  • Craft: Craft over hundreds of different items, either by combining them, by smelting in a furnace
  • Make potions: Brew potions to get some temporary bonuses or use them on arrows
  • Improve your armor and weapons
  • Forge magic rings: The most successful adventurers can improve their abilities even further by using the most precious items to forge powerful magic rings
  • Build: Use the many blocks you collected to build almost anything you can imagine
Minimum system requirements: 

Requires Minetest 0.4.15 (or later) to run. The hardware requirements are more or less the same as of Minetest.