THE GOAL OF THE GAME is to annihilate all burning fires. You do this
by pushing blocks of ice until they collide with a burning fire.
When the ice blocks hit burning fire the block and the fire are destroyed.
Once all fires are extinguished the level is completed.

You can't push blocks that are connected (either to a wall or another block
of ice) or blocked. If the ice block cannot be pushed and it's within climbing
range, the player will climb atop the block instead.

Blocks that are not connected to anything will free-fall unless there is
something below them (ground, another ice block or the player). Blocks falling
on fire will also extinguish the fire, just as a pushed block.

You can create and destroy ice blocks on the player's lower sides. That is
below and left/right to the player, not straight down or straight left/right.
With this magic technique you can fill gaps or destroy supporting ice blocks.

Touching enemies, traps, burning lava or burning fires will kill the
player. The same as with falling down in oblivion.

Have fun!

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