MirthKit is a kit/engine for creating/running games. Currently it provides the following games:

[b]Finity Flight[/b]
You are humanity’s last stand against invading aliens in this free-flying action-arcade shooter.
The XF-84 Raptor is the most advanced air superiority prototype that humanity has ever produced. You have trained rigorously to withstand the massive G-forces the Raptor’s maneuverability produces while at the same time effectively engaging and destroying any opposition.
A vast alien fleet lurks at humanity’s doorstep — a surprise assault — and you are humanity’s first and only line of defense. You are flying solo, fighting massively superior numbers, in a fast-paced dog-fight to survive. Use your three powerful weapons and make the best of your ability to become invincible and perform special attacks while dodging shots and out-maneuvering enemies. Finity Flight includes 15 levels of increasing difficulty and is a completely free and open-source game.

[b]Finity Flight: Fight Back[/b]
So, you’ve defeated the alien fleet. It’s time to fight them on their own turf.
Finity Flight: Fight Back takes place shortly after the events of the original Finity Flight. All alone, you’ve repelled the invaders of earth, but instead of simply waiting for them to come back in greater numbers, you are taking the fight to their home turf.
Fight Back takes place in space, and adds to the original game with 15 exciting new levels, four new boss levels, four new enemy variations, and new unlockables.

[b]Mike Hibbert’s Minigolf[/b]
Winner of the Microgame Competition I, Mike Hibbert’s Minigolf is a fun game demonstration where you play put-put around a house.
Mike Hibbert’s Minigolf includes 4 levels with par scores. Its good for a quick 10 to 20 minutes of entertainment, and has all of the code and assets to make more levels yourself.

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