NOTA is a realtime strategy game based on the Spring engine.

- robots, tanks, ships, airplanes, static weapons
- epic battles with hundreds of units
- 150+ types of units (but easy to understand them because of classes system of weapons and units) in two main robot factions
- 3rd faction of Spacebugs, deadly insect from deep Space (visually similar to Starship troopers bugs)
- 3 AI bots, 2 skirmish ones (NOE and Shard - each has own developer and they compete), 3rd bot is for Spacebugs survivor mission (you can face bugs in singleplayer or in coop play)
- 15-30 mins 1v1 matches, 45-90 mins huge 5v5+ battles

- real physics weapons simulation (= much miss-fire, no automatic hits, few guided weapons, many anti-weapons systems)
- armor simulation for tanks in combination of reverse ability of tanks (it does matter in which direction your tanks face the enemy units)
- airplanes fuel game mechanic (unique air fights, hard to get air-supremacy, which is key to victory)
- many ways of acquiring resources (mining, automatic production, trading, reclaiming dead units or map objects,...)
- different game roles for robots and vehicles (robots = slow cheap soliders with the best firepower for cost, tanks = lines crushers, the best units in 1:1 units comparion)
- mighty navy in right scale to ground/air units - ship cost a lot, but rule the sea and coast areas
- balance of advanced technology units and basic units - both has its role in late game (40min+) as well.

- running on Linux, Windows, MacOS (on Spring engine) = no matter what computer + system your friends have
- cool multiplayer lobby client - NOTA lobby (maps autodownloading system, friends, news bar, true skill measure system, player profiles making, replay system + NOTA TV)
- own comics strips, this is notAjoke!

Minimum system requirements: 

- 1.6 GHz single core CPU with SSE
- 512 MB of RAM
- 128 MB Nvidia Geforce 6xxx graphics card (onboard graphic cards are not supported)
- Roughly 200 MB of hard drive space, depending on how many maps you download

- 3 GHz dual core CPU or better
- 2 GB of RAM or more
- 512 MB Geforce 8xxx Series graphics card or better
- 4 GB of hard drive space to accommodate more maps


Spring Tournament

The time has come for tourney season to kick off, And what better way to start than a new nota tournament.
I am proud to announce registration for the Nota Spring Championship 2016 has now opened!
Be ready for April 9th when some of the newest and best nota players go head to head trying to be the one true champion of 1v1.
Select games will be expertly live streamed on the nota youtube channel.
So, what are you waiting for! Click the registration button below and let the fun begin!

Robotic Overlord

32BIT Only

!!!!!!!! It is 32 bit only !!!!!!

Hey! Where can I buy such CPU today, autumn of 2015 ??? 32 BIT , WHEREE????

YOU MUST ADD IT TO - > Minimum system requirements:

calm down, its working on 64bit here just fine.

Weekend tournament

Under great eye of player Polar gaming weekend tour is prepared.

Get actual info and register into tournament on game page -

After a fantastic day Godde is announced the winner after 26 different games In 2nd you have Danil fallowed by PoW. this was a great tournament and we hope to have more in the future.

Tournament end

There is final bracket online and casts from tournament on Youtube made by our action hero Fury Shadow 33,3 cm.

Spring engine 94, 95, 96 upgrades

Due big engine changes expect some problem with autohosts. Game is not working properly on hosts with Spring 95.0, works perfect on hosts with engine 91.0 or 94.1. Till thursday when engine 96.0 is introduced on servers, we suggest players to host own rooms with right egnine till this mess ends in few days.

Fixed, engine 94.1 on Nitrogen autohosts again and it works.