Other Life

Other Life

Other Life is rather cute 'old school' mmorpg in the fantasy genre that started in October last year. It's based on the Eternal Lands engine and inherits heavily from that game in terms of its assets and styling, but with many improvements server-side and superior client software.

Anyone familiar with games such as Everquest, Runescape or even Eternal Lands will feel pretty much at home, however, Other Life differentiates itself with a more relaxed atmosphere and unique community orientated approach. Unlike other games, players are actively consulted on major changes and even get the opportunity to put forward, vote, and run polls on their own development proposals.

Whilst Other Life is still in fairly heavy development and testing, it's fully playable. It's also fully free to play and, whilst there is a shop from which you can buy cosmetic and convenience items, all critical content is accessible without payment.

The Other Life community is particularly welcoming to new players of all ages and languages, and is fairly unusual in having many older players. You'll find the game's developer ('Learner' of 'Eternal Lands' fame) is regularly in-game to welcome new players, answer queries and introduce the unwary to his love of Japanese anime, linux and weekend invasions which often exceed 2000 mobs of the most gnarliest and lethal kind. Be sure to look out for ogre's, trolls, cyclops, gargoyles, goblins, revoltingly huge spiders and the awesome Lt General Foo Foo (an enormous white boss rabbit who commands a veritable tsunami of small bunnies).

However, there's more to do in Other Life that just die (frequently) at the teeth, claws and poison glands of just about every creature you never wanted to meet in a dark alley, you'll get to haggle and trade like a boss on the market channel; harvest all manner of things (including dung) till your virtual fingers bleed; learn to make all manner of potions, tools, clothes, armour and (of course) weapon; then, just when you thought it was safe to be out in the open, learn what its like to flee screaming like a girl from the dubious delights of Warlock, Nightmare, Hexa, Fire and some less merciful members of the Other Life synchronised pk team.

Although the server code for Other Life is currently closed source, the client code is freely available under a modified GPL licence and compiles under Linux, Mac and Windows. The client is written in C and is under continual development by the community, something that makes the game particularly ideal for those who like to create modifications and help out with coding and development.

Minimum system requirements: 

CPU: 450 MHz
RAM: 128 MB
VIDEO CARD: Hardware accelerated with at least 32 MB of video memory, that supports at least OpenGL 1.3 natively.


Does not work in Debian Wheezy

./ol.x86.linux.bin: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/i686/cmov/libm.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.15' not found (required by ./ol.x86.linux.bin

Enough said. Wheezy is still running an older version of GLIBC (2.13) and as GLIBC is at the heart of the operating system, updating it is not easy. So it seems that it's not doable for Wheezy without a fix.

Unlike current EL OL does not run on my machine

Current EL works great on my machine, but OL is complaining that GLIBC_2.15 is missing.

I had a different problem (same as this guy) that wouldn't let me start Other Life. I used the Eternal Lands client (replaced the *.bin with the one from EL package) and it worked. You might want to try that as a workaround.

try it now

I play other life since the start (almost one year ago) and I truly like it a lot. The developer is present every day and it is easy to talk to him. Because he knows what the players want, the game is steadily developing into a game for all players.
Community is very active. The best thing about this game is that you don't have to like PKing. If you like making things and selling them to others, you can make your ingame money doing that.
If you like to grind for your money, you can do that also. It is possible to raise all the skills possible in this game and there are a lot.
Come play this game with us, you will not be disappointed.

I have been playing Other-Life for almost a month, I must say, I am enjoying it. I love the combat system better than EL, and it doesn't take you years to master in any skills like a lot of other games. I am almost Attack and Defense level 40, and soon, I can even roam the PK maps safely. My potion skill is fair also.

The X-Attribute System is just WONDERFUL, you can customize your character so much better than the other games I have played. A player 2 weeks old could have 1200 carry capacity if they wanted! They can have 200 health, or massive defense and/or attack power. It's just PHENOMENAL!

As a new player, it may be hard to play if you joined the game during a weekend because you are pretty much limited to the 1st map. After 4 days of leveling up though, you should be able to participate in the game's invasion events. And by your second invasion, if you had focused on combat, you should start getting great rewards and exp in the invasions.