Patterna is an ambient logic puzzle game inspired by HexCells. Each level of the game is a graph (that is, a network of nodes with edges in between them), and each of the nodes in the network will ultimately be in one of two states (patterna or non-pattern). It is your job to figure out which state a node is in. To help you with that, some of the nodes are initially revealed and contain information about which other nodes are pattern nodes that helps you deduce the states of other nodes (thus revealing more information). All levels in the game can be solved using logic alone. The game features 70+ hand-made levels, a level editor, and a random level generator that generates an (for all intents and purposes) infinitude of levels. The game's ambient soundtrack (to which each of the user's actions contributes) was written by Alex Cottrell.

Minimum system requirements: 

Minimum System Requirements: 512MB RAM, OpenGL2 capable graphics card or integrated graphics processor (use --force-opengl argument; not strictly necessary for OpenGL3 capable devices), reasonable recent processor (but really anything that has been produced in the last 12 years should suffice).

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