Picmi was inspired by Tux Picross which was originally started in 2004
by Tobias Hellgren.

Picmi includes: [list]
[*] a picross clone
[*] and a minesweeper clone

Picross is a number logic game in which cells in a grid have to be colored or left
blank according to numbers given at the side of the grid to reveal a hidden picture.
Minesweeper is a classic puzzle game. The object of the game is to clear an
abstract minefield without detonating a mine.

Features: [list]
[*] basic picross gameplay
[*] no hints mode: do not automatically prevent incorrect tile hits - the player must solve the puzzle correctly without hints. there is no penalty time in this mode.
[*] randomly generated puzzles with arbitraty size and difficulty
[*] display which streaks are solved by greying out numbers
[*] drag locking: during a drag, movement is locked either to the row or column to prevent undesired movement
[*] drag operation locking: during a right mouse button drag, either allaffected tiles are cleared OR marked, not both
[*] basic minesweeper gameplay
[*] guaranteed solvable boards (logic only, no guessing)
[*] statistics / highscore tracking

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