Pixture is a small “sandbox game” (no strict goals) with a simplistic graphical and game design. It requires the Minetest engine to run.
The player starts in a world of a mostly temperate climate with occassional rain with a small but distinct variety of biomes, trees, plants and animals, including apple trees, birch trees, grass, ferns, boars, sheep and so on.
The player has to hunt and gather to stay alive. The player can explore a small number of large biomes, gather plants, chop trees, dig into the underground for ores, craft new items and tools, build a home and many other things.

Gameplay summary:

  • Hunt and gather food to stay alive
  • Tame wild animals to take them with you
  • Explore the surface to find new biomes and the plants you need for better items, or rare villages with people who trade with you
  • Chop wood and collect grass and craft the most important items
  • Very low-tech: Most available items are made out of wood, grass, stone, coal and iron. You will progress rather slowly
  • Craft and equip weapons, tools and armor
  • Search for seeds and start farming wheat and cotton
  • Use a pickaxe to dig into the underground for coal, iron, gold and lumien, a glowing crystal
  • Find jewels and enhance your tools with a jewel workbench
  • Use cobblestone, wood and many other blocks to build your small little home
  • Find villages with other humans and trade with them
  • Combine your tools with jewels to customize them
  • Keep track of your small successes in the game with a simple achievements system

Pixture is free software, without advertisements and free of charge.

Minimum system requirements: 

Requires Minetest to run. The hardware requirements are the same as of Minetest, as Pixture is a very lightweight game.