Race into Space

Race into Space

Race Into Space is the computer version of the Liftoff! board game by Fritz Bronner. It was developed by Strategic Visions and published by Interplay as a disk-based game in 1993 and a CD-ROM in 1994.

The "remastered" open-source version was released in 2005.

You play the director of the U.S. or U.S.S.R. space agency, preparing and launching missions, researching new technologies (better rockets, manned spacecrafts), managing your astronauts/cosmonauts until you finally land on the moon, hopefully before the other space agency does.

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Shall we record all Open Source game which enter mature phase?

Shall we record all Open Source game which enter mature phase?

Like FlightGear, Battle For Wesnoth, Zero-K, Race into Space, etc.?

What do you mean? Something like medal?

I think he means having a tag for games reaching a development stage of completeness, where gameplay is stable and newer releases focus on bugfixes mostly.

I agree it would be good to filter complete games from alphas and betas.

Yes there needs to be a Alpha / Beta / Mature.

What this mean were mostly mentioned in comments, I also want to say: are there any clones beside simple action genre go beyond the original?

As berserk9779 said, feature change/bug fix determine if the is the project is mature.

Mature project also have feature change, I meant to let those casual player get full access to fun game rather than half-done.

However, this may let beta/alpha suffer fewer players.

We already have a tag for abandoned games, but it's rarely used because we haven't decided yet when a game becomes abandoned(2,3 or 4 years without development)

So I suggest the following changes:

no release/preorder:

  • self explaining
    • alpha:
      • Tech demos...
        • beta:
          • all games in development, release canditates, svn-snapshots - everything with a version number prior 1.0
            • stable:
              • stable games, minor fixes
                • abandoned:
                  • *all games without any deveopment/svn commit etc. for the last 2 maybe 3 years - this includes only commercial titles which aren't buyable anymore
                    • PS: I think we can merge alpha & beta to in development

My ideas:

Tag Open Source Commercial
no release / preorder self explanatory
tech demo / pre-alpha some builds are available, but the game is rather unplayable yet
in development playable, but still lacks polishing; majority of all open source games goes here alpha/beta builds that are playable
ripe & mature mature, polished games, actively developed, with great comunity (eg. Wesnoth, Hedgewars) shouldn't be used for commercial
completed games with no further development, but they doesn't require any (eg. Kobo Deluxe) majority of all commercial games goes here
abandoned 'in development' games with 3+ years of no development games that can't pe purchased anymore; games that doesn't run on modern distros

Well these are the options you can set for your own source forge project -
1 - Planning
2 - Pre-Alpha
3 - Alpha
4 - Beta
5 - Production/Stable
6 - Mature
7 - Inactive

I don't think we need a planning tag, but what's the difference between pre-alpha and alpha?

Still they are tags, should be easy to implement.

Firstly, clear up the titles with "early development" tag, and later mark all "pay/not free/commercial title" with complete- and hand-pick those not complete later on.

Mature tag for OpenSource project would not be easy though.