Rpgtest is a voxel-based game which incorporates elements from RPGs and sandbox games.

Long time ago, the world of rpgtest was a nice place. People invented machines, built gigantic structures and explored the world. But after some time the world of rpgtest suddenly turned into a scary place to live. For some reason, monsters started spawning everywhere. Normal people were not able to live normally in this world anymore. They decided to build houses in trees, because monsters weren't able to climb up things. For some that worked pretty well, but others had problems getting food up there. A group of explorers had a different idea, they decided to build islands in the sky, far away from their hometown. They build a complete ecosystem on these islands and were able to live there by doing so. When they had a basic food source, they sent back some good explorers to try and find the others.

Gameplay summary

  • There is no end goal, play as long as you wish
  • Explore a randomly-generated world with 8 biomes
  • Find treasures
  • Dig into the earth and find precious ores
  • Build a cute little home or a great castle—let your imagination go wild!
  • Fight against monsters for experience and items
  • Gain experience to unlock new abilities and stronger weapons
  • Play with or against other players
Minimum system requirements: 

Requires Minetest 0.4.14 (or later) to run. The hardware requirements are more or less the same as of Minetest.

Developer: cd2