RufaSlider is a puzzle collection of the Grabarchuk/Klotski genre. It contains several types of block slider puzzles including a "Klotski" collection, a "Traffic-Rush" collection, and other individual classics like Fifteen, Eight, Panama, MaBoy, GetMyGoat, Suits, and HoleInOne.

"Bslider" contains a large family of similar slider puzzles. Each objective is stated near the window top, but usually involves moving a large block to a specified location within the window. The next <n> and previous <p> keys move between variants.

"Rush" contains a large family of sliders also, but here, the cars or trucks can only move [roll] lengthwise...the goal being to move the red car toward the "garage door" on the right.

Note that each game description file is a simple text file with a particular format that allows users to easily define additional puzzles.

To move a block, use the arrow keys. If the automatic block selector chooses the wrong block, simply click the cursor on the desired block before using the arrow key. Thusly, the game is laptop friendly. Use the <h>-key for a help menu.

Slider and Rush both now include an autosolver to ease frustration when you get stuck.

New: for simplicity, a single executable provides a point & click entry point to all the puzzles.

Choice of two easy build systems that allow anyone with OS-X or Linux and GCC to recompile; but first try the delivered exes. Note for Mac users: now comes with a Mac Binary Bundle.

Minimum system requirements: 

OpenGL 3.3 core; GNU/Linux or Mac OS-X