The world ended on the day the bombs fell. Since then, it’s always been like this: disease, hunger, death. The ruling Aristocrats - a faceless oligarchy that controls all resources - have unchallenged authority. There’s never enough food, water, or vaccine to go around. The rich receive regular doses of vaccinations in exchange for their unconditional government support. The poor live in fear, superstition, and squalor until they die.

Minimum system requirements: 

AGS and the Windows game data files

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Developer: Wadjet Eye Games


Solid game

I can confirm that this runs fine on linux. They distribute a windows executable installer, which I had to use wine to install, but then running ags on the resulting installed .exe worked perfectly. Same goes for the gratuit demo. I think it needs a fairly recent version of ags; I used the latest release at the time of writing, version

The game itself is interesting, with a fairly original setting despite its well-worn post-apocalyptic basis, some memorable characters, and a strong and excellently voice acted protagonist. The first half of the game is the best, with puzzles well-integrated into the scene-setting and a nice depressing portrayal of a small struggling community. The second half is let down a little by a fairly formulaic plot and, worse, formulaic puzzles with repetitive mechanics, but there are nice moments throughout. High production values; art and music are good quality throughout. Overall, I recommend it.

A shame though that you need to use wine to get at the ags file... seems they're missing an easy expansion to their audience by not officially supporting linux!