Shores of Hazeron

Shores of Hazeron

Abandoned! There has been no work on this game for quite some time or it was left in an unfinished state.

Shores of Hazeron is a multiplayer game of interstellar war and science fiction adventure. The Shores of Hazeron game universe is presented to the player in three-dimensional first-person perspective. Sizes and distances are scaled dramatically from reality whenever necessary for tolerable game play and limitations of computers. In other words it doesn't really take years to travel to another star, there are hundreds of stars in the sky at night instead of millions, and the nearby planets, moons, and suns appear huge and close in the sky with the unaided eye. Each player perceives the universe as if they were seeing and hearing it with their own eyes and ears. Players experience the game universe first-hand as if they were there in person.

A large number of players participate simultaneously in the game via Internet. Players interact with each other directly and indirectly when playing the game. There are facilities in the game to help players locate and join their friends, to communicate with each other, and to rescue players from difficult situations. There is no option to play the game solitaire, though there is plenty of space to be alone.

Players join together to form empires. Empires are expanded by exploring and developing new solar systems and by conquering the solar systems developed by others. Empires are formed, conquer, and are conquered in a continuous struggle for dominance of the galaxy.

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