Shotgun Debugger

Shotgun Debugger

Shotgun Debugger is a shoot-em-up game I made with Carnegie Mellon University's Game Creation Society in the spring of 2005. I recently rediscovered the source code, and thought I'd put it back up.

It is a 2D, top-down action game. It is The Future, and your habit of computer network exploration has finally done you in. You are captured and taken to a strange underground complex populated by robot soldiers. Your task is to escape the facility—but the hordes of walking death machines aren't just gonna let you.

Shotgun Debugger is pseudo-3D—while gameplay is strictly two-dimensional, the world is rendered in three dimensions. Worlds are not tile-based, but polygon-based—rooms and hallways can be made to any shape imaginable, allowing for some rather impressive architecture. Features of the game include:

* 3D animated character models
* Colored lighting, particle, and motion blur effects
* Gravity, friction, pushable objects, and ricocheting bullets
* Trigger-based event system
* Pathfinding AI
* Five types of enemies and six weapons to blow them away with
* Eight levels
* Best statistics stored for each level
* Mouse control and "first-person"-like angle-locked view for precise aiming
* Sound effects and music
* Support for high-resolution and wide-screen graphics modes
* Open-source, released under the GNU GPL
* Uses SDL and OpenGL for cross-platform support

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