SimCity 3000

SimCity 3000

The citizens of the megalopolis are unhappy with Hizzoner. Crime is out of control. Traffic is clogging the city's main arteries. Pollution is soaring. And to top it all, the pro sports team is threatening to move to the next city unless they get that new stadium...but you can step in as the mayor and commissioner of this fine city and save the day with your planning and building skills!

Minimum system requirements: 

CPU: 233 MHz
RAM: 32 MB
HDD: ~620 MB


loki games?

Lately there are some Loki games added to the db, are these relevant? Loki has been defunct for 10 years now and I don't believe you can get these games anywhere.

wow, I did not know that :) I thought they would be out of stock after all these years, thx for the links!

I have a bunch of these games like:

sid meyers alpha centuri
soldier of fortune

tribes2 and myth2 are absolutely great games, both are amongst my all time favourites. I have not however bothered to try and install these on a modern distro, I have pretty much assumed it will be too hard to get them going.

I really wish these two had been opensourced, they have both been released as "free" had big communities and have had parts open sourced (myth2 server and torque engine) and have had native linux clients. Its a crying shame they never got open sourced.

Wow "Myth II 1.7.2 Released for Linux!" - "28 Feb 2012 by Pyro" I wonder if I can use the loki disk or does it need an origional windows disk?

I will try it out soon and let people know how it goes.

Is Myth II in lgdb? If not perhaps it should get added?