Space Cubes Descent

Space Cubes Descent

Abandoned! There has been no work on this game for quite some time or it was left in an unfinished state.

Space Cubes Descent is a multiplayer space shooter FPS game where you shoot others while flying among iron cubes floating in the space.

The level is quite large so the spaceships are looking quite small in it. But you have 60× zoom so your enemies can not hide themselves in the distance.

The game has a "rendezvous" server (which is only online when the author's computer is turned on unfortunately) where players can find each other. The game itself is peer to peer.

It is in a quite early state but it is improving and new updates available , so once upon a time it will be good enough to be enjoyable. But you can play it. If there is no server or opponents you can play against bots.

Miscellaneous information:
Should work on all GTK based systems...
Available as debian (*.deb) package.
Available languages: Hungarian, English
Tested on: Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex
Istalls there: /usr/bin/scdescent no icons or menuitems created for it (yet)
(Linux testers needed)

Minimum system requirements: 

This game requires OpenGL for graphics, OpenAL for sound, and GTK window system.

Developer: Calmarius