The Adventures of Rick Rocket

The Adventures of Rick Rocket

Defend the Earth from alien invaders in this unique 1950s style space shooter!

It's the golden age of space exploration. As mankind begins to venture out into space, a mysterious alien armada appears and launches an all-out assault on the Earth. Space Command calls on its best pilot, Rick Rocket, to take the controls of the experimental X-01 rocket ship and repel the invaders. Join Rick on an epic adventure across the Milky Way as he tries to learn who the aliens are and why they attacked Earth!

This game provides a wide variety of mission styles and an intriguing story that you won't find in many other shooters. Try it out and see for yourself!

Minimum system requirements: 

OpenGL-compatible video card with accelerated drivers, glibc 2.4 or greater, (if your distribution uses the Network Audio System), libogg, libvorbis, libvorbisenc, libvorbisfile, 32-bit OS (or 64-bit OS with 32-bit compatibility libraries installed)