The Babylon Project

The Babylon Project

The Babylon Project is a space combat simulator, based on the Babylon 5 universe created by J. Michael Straczynski. Originally created as a modification of the commercial game Freespace 2. Today it is an independent, free game using a standalone, an enhanced Freespace 2 engine by the Freespace Source Code Project team. Fans gathered around TBP created many campaigns, the most famous and extensive is the official Raider Wars. Mission editor is available with the game. Currently, the game was completed. The CD version and DVD version are available for download on the project website.

Minimum system requirements: 

CPU: 600 MHz
RAM: 256 MB
GPU: OpenGL-compatible video card.
HDD: 750 MB - 3,5 GB, depending on what is installed.
AND: fs2_open Engine


Freespace 2 was AMAZING, but the physics were a bit off

Needs better inertia physics. Should be able to Thrust in Direction X, then rotate to face the Y direction, and still glide in the X direction.

it's called 6DoF and it's possible in some FS2 mods and in the main game(That mission with the captured shivan fighter)