The Herbalist (Травница)

The Herbalist (Травница)

"The Herbalist" is a smooth and meditative game. You'll need to recreate some recipes of ancient potions with Slavya. In this game you'll find vivid anime graphics, enjoyable soft soundtrack and spicy plot events.
Game features:

- Gather herbs and berries with Slavya in the forest.
- Cook and mix potions in different proportions. Some combinations will work, the others won’t. Sometimes you might get an unexpected effect.
- Go to the barn every day to find useful things
- Don’t forget to feed Slavya, and give some attention to her lovely cat.
- The game contains episodes with partially nude character and is not intended for minors.


A girl called Slavyana lives with her cat in a little hut at the edge of the forest. One day, while she was sorting through some old stuff, she discovered an ancient manuscript about magic potions. Slavya has always been a very curious girl, so she decided to learn the ancient craft. Once Slavya learns all the potions she'll become a Potion Master, and you will follow her through all the adventures that alchemy will lead her to.


English version / Subtitles

Is there an English version for this game?

There game is currently only available in Russian, but the developers said (in the blog post announcing the version 1.0) that they are working on English and German versions.

and when will this be happing

a review

The graphics and the music are quite nice, but the whole gameplay is pretty monotonous. If you liked mixing potions in Might and Magic VI—VIII, then the game is for you. Otherwise, it might be a bit boring. (The apples as the sole food item can be tribute to MM6—MM8 too.)

The potion mixing is basically the main part of the gameplay. Other things (gathering herbs, searching the barn) are limited to clicking on the items on screen, and although the jokes sometimes make up for this, it’s still kinda boring.

Names of items are written in a pseudo-runic script, and deciphering it may be challenging. However, it’s quite separated from the game. You don’t really get rewards for deciphering the runes, they’re just there to let you read the plant names.

I also haven’t understood how you get pictures in the gallery. Are they random, or what? I feel as if I don’t have control of what pictures I get. So when I get one, this doesn’t feel like a reward, it just happens on its own.