Wing Commander Flat Universe

Wing Commander Flat Universe

Wing Commander Flat Universe is a free fan top-down shooter. It is based on the Wing Commander Series from Chris Roberts and Origin.

Minimum system requirements: 

Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO or equivalent
Video Card: 512 MB 3D Accelerator with shaders 2 support


Flat Universe Closed Alpha Test

Happy new year everybody!

It's been a long time since we have updated the content of our page in LGDB. We might have given the wrong impression that the project is on idle but that is not true. There have been significant updates on Flat Universe since the release of 0.8.5 version.

  • Original music score by mister Cory Fujimori that includes refreshed themes from the original wing commander composer Dave Govvet.
  • New and updated in-game graphics.
  • Additional content (ships, new rooms inside Daedalus station, systems, factions etc).
  • New patching system.

These are only some of the new exiting features that will be included in the Beta version of the project. There is, however, one more feature that I didn't mention yet.
Multiplayer mode. It has been tested in house and the only step that is left before we include this major feature in our next release of the game, is to test it in the web with people from all around the world.
This is were we need your support!

There are open positions for the Closed Alpha Test. Therefore, any Linux gamer who is interested to take part and help Flat Universe to join the world of online gaming...

please don't hesitate to contact with us on the following email address.

I must warn you that the positions for the Alpha Test are limited, therefore not every application will be accepted.
If you are interested in joining, the following information must be included into your application in order to be valid.

  • A username.
  • A valid email address.
  • Your time zone.
  • The days and the time that you will be able to play Flat Universe.

See you in Cockpit!

Wing Commander Flat Universe version 0.8.5 Released!

Hello everyone,

We have released the new alpha version (0.8.5) of Wing Commander Flat Universe.

The new version includes:
* Seamless flight to 14 star systems
* 8 brand new missions in various conditions including open space, mine and asteroid fields, nebulae and dust clouds
* Highly revised graphics and sound
* New cutscenes
* New supplementary material found in our website including an in-universe magazine "Destiny's Way" that supports the game-play, tech plans for all flyable spacecraft, quick help guides etc.
* Many major and minor big fixes

Have Fun!