Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Meet Oliver Penn. He's lazy, a bit unsocialized. Nothing close to a genius, but fairly smart. He’s never really had much of a hard time in public schools, always managing to get just the minimum required amount done without expending much effort.

Now fast forward to the present; there's a dilemma plaguing Oliver.

Slacker by nature, he’s in danger of flunking out of college. A community college. At risk for academic probation for being under Salt Lake Community College’s minimum required GPA and credit load.

Aside from the awful reality of failing out of a community college, this doesn’t seem like a big deal. Just go through the re-enrollment fiasco and not fail out this time, right? Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Oliver isn’t in a community college just because he’s a slacker, or making the most of some cheap learning -- he doesn’t have the sort of money for college. Paying the re-enrollment fees is something he’d have to take out another loan for.

He’s presented with an ultimatum: Maintain a passing GPA and add an additional class to his already large credit load, or fail.

Oliver however, is unaware of how many changes an unassuming choice such as passing this semester could bring.