This is a more interesting variant of the Windows Minesweeper game, because it includes the option of a grid of triangles. This requires more skill, and involves less luck, than a grid of squares. You might still find yourself in an "acey-deucy" situation where you must take a chance, especially near the corners of the grid, but puzzles that can be solved entirely by logic are more frequent. Since each interior triangle is adjacent to 12 other triangles, there are many more patterns to become familiar with.

On a side note, I found resizing the window to be a fussy process, and once I got the window display as large as I could, the font for the digits in the grid was too small to suit me. My monitor screen is 1920x1080. I created a launcher on my desktop for the game, which invokes the following command:

xbomb -triangle -3 -geometry 1008x979+480+20
In order to increase the size of the grid font, I created the file .xbomb in my home directory:

# Xbomb preferences
# Font size within the grid is specified here.
# Everything else could be done on the command line.

grid.font: lucidasans-72

Also see the links for a nice xbomb icon you can download.

Minimum system requirements: 

This is not a resource intensive game. Any machine that runs X windows should be able to handle it.


Maybe this shouldn't be on LGDB

Should xbomb be listed here?

"Very simple games" are forbidden, as stated in the submission guidelines. That's why things like AisleRiot haven't made it in yet.

Quoting the submission guidelines:
"Games you will not find here, and on submission are likely to be rejected:
Not very simple Games (e.g. tic-tac-toe)"
xbomb might have simple rules, but IMO it is not a simple game. Here is a sample puzzle position which might occur.

How can a player proceed here, without taking a chance? The two green dots indicate cells which do contain mines, but what cell or cells can you conclude must not contain a mine?