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ChaosEsque Anthology

Release 117g 22 Jun 2017
ChaosEsque Anthology is a first person shooter.
Gamers: 3
Rating: 3.3
Popularity: 0

Clash of Aggression

0.5.6 21 May 2017
Clash of Aggression is all about "last stand": your team against dozens of enemies.
Gamers: 1
Popularity: 3

Bionic Attack

1.0 19 May 2017
Bionic Attack is a fast paced Real Time Strategy game set in a post apocalyptic world, where two factions are fighting for the planet domination.
Popularity: 34


10 May 2017
A hospitalized Boy comes to terms with his own story by traveling with his Mom to a beautiful fantasy world; ultimately helping his...
Popularity: 24


019f 5 May 2017
Bitfighter is a fast-paced, team-based, out-in-space, multiplayer retro arcade shooter.
Gamers: 4
Rating: 7.2
Popularity: 0


v2.2.4 2 May 2017
This is a minimalist version of the Sokoban puzzle game.
Popularity: 0


(stable) v3.1.8 2 May 2017
This is a soccer-themed, 3D sokoban game with rolling soccer balls.
Popularity: 0


v1.1.2 2 May 2017
CoTerminalApps contains color-terminal games that run on OS-X and Gnu/Linux, but can also be rebuilt to run on any OS capable of installing...
Popularity: 0


v1.1.1 2 May 2017
TerminalApps contains games that run on OS-X and Gnu/Linux, but can also be rebuilt to run on any OS capable of installing the GNAT GPL Ada compiler.
Popularity: 0


1 May 2017
Top-Down Endless 360° space shooter
Popularity: 12


1.1.1 30 Apr 2017
AdaVenture is a kid-friendly retro point&click game, intended to be a minimal extension to 3D of the original 2D Atari game named "Adventure",...
Popularity: 0


(stable) v2.7.6 30 Apr 2017
RufaSlider is a collection of 16 different block slider puzzles for kids and casual puzzlers.
Popularity: 0

Brawl of Ages

10 Apr 2017
Brawl of Ages is a free to play multiplayer Collectible Card Arena game that plunges players into short and intense 1v1 matches.
Gamers: 1
Popularity: 0


1.2.0 10 Apr 2017
In Codroids, you take on the role of a factory manager with a simple job: guiding brightly colored worker-droids to matching spots...
Gamers: 1
Rating: 10
Popularity: 0


1704.00 8 Apr 2017
Voxelands is a sandbox construction game based on Minetest-c55, which was inspired by earlier “voxel world” games such as InfiniMiner...
Gamers: 11
Rating: 9.1
Popularity: 0


(stable) v2.3.6 7 Apr 2017
RufaSwap, is a simple permuted picture puzzle where the challenge is to restore the picture elements to their proper order.
Gamers: 1
Popularity: 0


1.5.5 6 Apr 2017
Reliquarium is a very unique set of four 3D slider puzzles, all with a Crystal Skull theme.
Popularity: 0


0.8.2 1 Apr 2017
Xonotic is a fast paced free, open-source first person shooter (arena style) licensed under the GNU General Public License.
Gamers: 33
Rating: 8.1
Popularity: 0


1.7.0 1 Apr 2017
OpenTTD is a clone of the Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe", a popular game originally written by Chris Sawyer.
Gamers: 30
Rating: 8.8
Popularity: 0


(stable) v6.1.2 31 Mar 2017
AdaGate is a 3D sokoban puzzle game within a Stargate / Portal fantasy setting.
Popularity: 0


by mbays 27 Mar 2017
A game of competitive puzzle-design.
Popularity: 0

The Away Team

23 Mar 2017
In this interactive sci-fi adventure novel, you are the AI pilot of Earth's last interstellar ship, tasked with finding a home for...
Rating: 1
Popularity: 0

Going Home - A Pixelated Horror Game

1.0.0 19 Mar 2017
Going Home is a 2D pixelated horror game that focuses on the story and atmosphere of the game with puzzle elements.
Popularity: 5

Heroes of Dire

15 Mar 2017
In Heroes of Dire, a new massively-multiplayer tactical role-playing game by Spellbook, players command squads of fighters through...
Gamers: 1
Popularity: 0


0.11.2 15 Mar 2017
The Freedoom project aims to create a complete Doom-based game which is Free Software.
Gamers: 6
Rating: 6.5
Popularity: 0


1.24 10 Mar 2017
Are you looking for adventure? Want to fight for riches? Develop yourself and your social standing? Meet new people? Do you want to...
Gamers: 8
Rating: 7.7
Popularity: 0

Survive The Zombies

alpha 0.9 10 Mar 2017
A funny mix of Real Time Strategy and Survival games : Your goal is to manage a group of survivors against zombies.
Gamers: 1
Rating: 1
Popularity: 0

The Curious Expedition

Arctic Expanse 3 Mar 2017
Curious Expedition is a roguelike expedition simulation set in the late 19th century.
Gamers: 2
Popularity: 0

DiRT Rally

2 Mar 2017
DiRT Rally is a racing video game focused on rallying.
Rating: 1
Popularity: 25


1 Mar 2017
Onraid is a challenging 2D shooter game, where you are free to develop your own play style and tactics to destroy your enemies.
Gamers: 1
Popularity: 0


1 Mar 2017
Moonlighter is a Action RPG with rogue-lite elements about Will, an adventurous shopkeeper, that secretly dreams of becoming a hero.
Popularity: 0

Coupl quest

2.2 28 Feb 2017
Foreplay game for couples.
Gamers: 1
Rating: 7
Popularity: 4

Torment: Tides of Numenera

28 Feb 2017
Torment: Tides of Numenera is the thematic successor to Planescape: Torment, one of the most critically acclaimed role-playing games of all time.
Popularity: 10


Alpha21 25 Feb 2017
KeeperRL is an opensource dungeon simulation game inspired by Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress.
Gamers: 4
Rating: 9.3
Popularity: 7


24 Feb 2017
One of the longest running independent games on the Internet, UniBall has evolved from a simple version of space hockey into an online...
Gamers: 1
Popularity: 0

Sky Rogue

Beta 1 23 Feb 2017
A simple, accessible-yet-difficult, fwooshy, “feel good” flight sim.
Gamers: 2
Popularity: 0

Shadows of Adam

23 Feb 2017
A legendary hero, Orazio has disappeared, leaving behind a son and adopted daughter.
Rating: 1
Popularity: 0

Night in the Woods

21 Feb 2017
NIGHT IN THE WOODS is an adventure game focused on exploration, story, and character, featuring dozens of characters to meet and lots...
Popularity: 0


0.5.0 20 Feb 2017
Anonymine is a curses mode minesweeper solvable without guessing and apparently the only one with von Neumann neighbourhoods.
Popularity: 0


1.3 17 Feb 2017
Tremulous is a free, open source game that blends a team based FPS with elements of an RTS.
Gamers: 9
Rating: 6.3
Popularity: 0


1.2 11 Feb 2017
Lugaru (pronounced Loo-GAH-roo) is a third-person action title available for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.
Gamers: 11
Rating: 7.4
Popularity: 0


10 Feb 2017
Totemori is a free-to-play local-multiplayer brawler where you build towers while trying to topple everyone else’s!
Gamers: 1
Popularity: 0

Aveyond 3-2: Gates of Night

1.0 9 Feb 2017
Before his untimely death two hundred years ago, the evil sorcerer, Mordred Darkthrop, created two opposing magical orbs – the Orb...
Rating: 1
Popularity: 0

Aveyond 3-4: The Darkthrop Prophecy

1.0 9 Feb 2017
Mel has gone into hiding after she discovers she can use magic.
Rating: 1
Popularity: 0

Aveyond 3-3: The Lost Orb

1.0 9 Feb 2017
Mel’s wedding day isn’t going according to plan.
Rating: 1
Popularity: 0

Unknown Horizons

2017.2 7 Feb 2017
Unknown Horizons is a 2D realtime strategy simulation with an emphasis on economy and city building.
Gamers: 11
Rating: 8.1
Popularity: 8

Urban Terror

4.3.2 4 Feb 2017
Urban Terror started as a realism based "total conversion" mod for Quake III Arena.
Gamers: 23
Rating: 8.1
Popularity: 0


1.0 25 Jan 2017
Ellipsis is an action-packed Avoid ’Em Up with minimalistic, yet powerful neon styled visuals.
Rating: 10
Popularity: 0