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1 Mar 2017
Moonlighter is a Action RPG with rogue-lite elements about Will, an adventurous shopkeeper, that secretly dreams of becoming a hero.
Popularity: 0

ChaosEsque Anthology

Release 99 3 Dec 2016
ChaosEsque Anthology is a first person shooter.
Gamers: 3
Rating: 3.3
Popularity: 0


0.3.15 26 Nov 2016
Anonymine is a curses mode minesweeper solvable without guessing and apparently the only one with von Neumann neighbourhoods.
Popularity: 0


build-18 22 Feb 2014
In Widelands, you are the regent of a small tribe.
Gamers: 12
Rating: 6.6
Popularity: 4

Clash of Aggression

0.4.10 9 Nov 2016
Clash of Aggression is all about "last stand": your team against dozens of enemies.
Gamers: 1
Popularity: 19


1.0.4 3 Nov 2016
AdaVenture is a kid-friendly retro point&click game, intended to be a minimal extension to 3D of the original 2D Atari game named "Adventure",...
Popularity: 0

InfiniJump II - Return of the red square

2 6 Oct 2016
you reached the new level! Have fun with playing this little and simple 2D Platformer.
Gamers: 1
Rating: 10
Popularity: 0


(stable) v6.0.3 27 Sep 2016
AdaGate is a first-person 3D sokoban puzzle game, embedded in a stargate fantasy setting.
Popularity: 0

Can't Drive This

26 Sep 2016
Race your car WHILE your friend builds the track.
Popularity: 4


22 Sep 2016
h a c k m u d is a cyberpunk themed text-based hacking simulator for intel-compatible personal home computers.
Popularity: 0

Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist

1.0 17 Sep 2016
Boyle Wolfbane wanted to rule the world.
Popularity: 3


1.21 13 Sep 2016
Are you looking for adventure? Want to fight for riches? Develop yourself and your social standing? Meet new people? Do you want to...
Gamers: 8
Rating: 7.7
Popularity: 0


by nikp123
0.2 29 Aug 2016
A simple family/party board game.
Popularity: 0


1608.01 28 Aug 2016
Voxelands is a sandbox construction game based on Minetest, which was inspired by earlier “voxel world” games such as Infiniminer.
Gamers: 11
Rating: 9.1
Popularity: 0


0.6.0 8 Sep 2015
OpenDungeons is an open source, real time strategy game sharing game elements with the Dungeon Keeper series and Evil Genius.
Gamers: 5
Rating: 8.5
Popularity: 0


v2.2.0 20 Aug 2016
This is a minimalist version of the Sokoban puzzle game.
Popularity: 0


(stable) v3.1.3 16 Aug 2016
This is a soccer-themed, 3D sokoban game with rolling soccer balls.
Popularity: 0

TBFTSS - The Pandoran War

v1.0 13 Aug 2016
2D mission-based space shooter, based on the Battle for the Solar System space opera novel trilogy.
Popularity: 0

Gravitus Minus

1.0.8 7 Aug 2016
Navigate narrow tunnels and bring back the energy core hidden on each of the enemy planets filled with biomechanical weirdness.
Gamers: 1
Popularity: 4

Aveyond 3-1 Lord of Twilight

1.01 5 Aug 2016
In fulfillment of prophecy, the evil sorcerer, Mordred Darkthrop, initiated a series of actions that would eventually see him rule the world.
Gamers: 1
Popularity: 0


by mbays
0.6.2 31 Jul 2016
Intricacy is a game of competitive puzzle design.
Popularity: 0


v1.0.8 27 Jul 2016
These retro terminal games can be run on any terminal in any OS that has a GNAT compiler.
Popularity: 0


v1.0.6 27 Jul 2016
CoTerminalApps contains retro color-terminal games & puzzles that can run on any OS capable of installing both the GNAT GPL Ada compiler...
Popularity: 0


22 Jul 2016
In Starbound, you take on the role of a character who’s just fled from their home planet, only to crash-land on another.
Gamers: 1
Rating: 7
Popularity: 0


(stable) v2.7.2 14 Jul 2016
RufaSlider is a puzzle collection of the Grabarchuk/Klotski genre.
Popularity: 0

The Dark Mod

2.04 13 Jul 2016
The Dark Mod was once total conversion of Doom 3, and now is a STANDALONE GAME with the release of TDM 2.
Gamers: 5
Rating: 8.2
Popularity: 3


1.4.0 4 Jul 2016
free to play cross-platform MMORPG with arcadified gameplay
Popularity: 5

Ascii Patrol

Alpha 1.2 4 Jul 2016
Ascii Patrol is an ASCII game project.
Gamers: 1
Rating: 8
Popularity: 4

rufas' cube

(stable) v2.6.3 3 Jul 2016
This is NOT another Rubic's cube.
Rating: 9.5
Popularity: 0

Seven (SevenSlider)

(stable) v2.3.3 3 Jul 2016
3D slider puzzle for children, but surprisingly tricky even for adults.
Rating: 9
Popularity: 0


(stable) v2.3.2 2 Jul 2016
RufaSwap, is a simple permuted picture puzzle where the challenge is to restore the picture elements to their proper order.
Gamers: 1
Popularity: 0


0.9.2 1 Jul 2016
Karts. Nitro. Action! SuperTuxKart is a 3D open-source arcade racer with a variety characters, tracks, and modes to play.
Gamers: 37
Rating: 8.3
Popularity: 0

Endless Sky

0.9.2 24 Jun 2016
Endless Sky is a space exploration and combat game similar to Escape Velocity.
Gamers: 5
Rating: 10
Popularity: 5


0.16.1 15 Jun 2016
FreedroidRPG is a mature open source sci-fi isometric role playing game.
Gamers: 3
Rating: 6.3
Popularity: 0

MU2048 Simple Machine vs Human Number Game BETA Version

1.2.0 12 Jun 2016
MU2048 is a clone of 2048 game but has a different story.
Popularity: 0

Hearts of Iron IV

6 Jun 2016
Victory is at your fingertips! Your ability to lead your nation is your supreme weapon, the strategy game Hearts of Iron IV lets you...
Popularity: 14

Aveyond 2 : Ean's Quest

1.0.0 4 Jun 2016
Enjoy the classic RPG on Linux Snow has fallen on a magical vale where it has never snowed before.
Popularity: 3


2.2.6 2 Jun 2016
Wyrmsun is a real-time strategy game loosely based on history and mythology in the ancient and prehistoric eras.
Gamers: 4
Rating: 10
Popularity: 4

Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest

1.0.0 2 Jun 2016
Fight monsters and explore a medieval world.
Popularity: 6

The Butterfly Effect

Milestone B 24 May 2016
The Butterfly Effect is a physics-based puzzle game about cause and effect.
Gamers: 2
Rating: 3.7
Popularity: 0


24 May 2016
Witness the rebirth of a genre in Lumo – a classic isometric adventure with a modern twist for gamers young and old alike! As a...
Rating: 6
Popularity: 0

C-Dogs SDL

0.6.1 24 May 2016
C-Dogs SDL is a 1 to 4 player overhead run-and-gun game.
Gamers: 4
Rating: 10
Popularity: 0

Neverball Clockwork 18 May 2016
Neverball Clockwork is a game of skill in which your task is to tilt the floor to roll a ball through various obstacle courses, collecting...
Gamers: 3
Popularity: 0


18 May 2016
In Duskers you pilot drones into derelict spaceships to find the means to survive and piece together how the universe became a giant graveyard.
Popularity: 3


17 May 2016
Shadwen, an assassin on a quest to kill the king, has a chance encounter with an orphaned girl, Lily.
Gamers: 2
Rating: 7
Popularity: 0

Freeminer 16 May 2016
Freeminer is a Minecraft-inspired sandbox game.
Gamers: 5
Rating: 7
Popularity: 0

Minetest Game

0.4.14 15 May 2016
Minetest Game is a simple and peaceful “sandbox game”, this means there are no goals and no built-in enemies.
Gamers: 27
Rating: 7.9
Popularity: 0

Battle Bash

0.6 12 May 2016
Battle Bash is part twin-stick shooter, part pong, and part tanks/combat.
Popularity: 0