LGDB news

Advanced game listing

It was requested many time to have more options when looking for games since the possibilities under http://www.lgdb.org/games are rather limited. So now there is a full fledged form to filter the database:

All Games - Advanced

Not only is it possible to select a combination of tags, but also choose in witch way they should work together. Should games have one of the tags, all tags, or none of the tags? Your choice.

Linux Game Awards

I'm very excited to reintroduce the Project of the Month for free Linux games. You can read the full announcement at the Linux Game Awards homepage.

The guys at Freegamer started to assemble a list of ten nominees for The project of the Month January 2014. If you want to partake or just have a sneak peak go visit their forums.On the 25th November the online voting opens for everyone registered at http://www.linuxgameawards.org/ and the winner will be announced sometime at the end of December.

The prize for the winner will be one month of promotion, e.g. at lgdb you'll see a banner of the winner on the front page.

You can find a detailed description about the award here.


New feature: Prices

Hello fellow Linux gamers,

We would like to announce the latest feature that was recently added to the lgdb.org website. Since two days we list prices for games that are available through steam and desura. The prices are checked every day and are listed in the download & install section. If no price is listed, it could mean several things, the game could just be added, free or we where not able to retrieve the price because of an age restriction.
Currently we only retrieve the prices in US-Dollar, for other currencies this is only a very rough value because shops apply different pricing schemes for every currency. The current monolingual architecture of this website doesn't let us support other currencies right away. But we will include other shops and would be happy about your suggestions, so feel free to recommend places where you spend your money. (By the way we are not in anyway affiliated the linked shops).


New feature: Crowdfunding

Hi people!

Another pretty exciting feature was added to lgdb.
You now have the opportunity to see all the great kickstarter and indiegogo game projects that will have a Linux client when funded.
And for that to happen we select them for you. Take a look at the already pretty impressive selection:

Some of the shortly ending projects are also visible on the frontpage.


New feature: Special offers and deals

Hey gamers!

We from the lgdb team are always working to make your life (and ours) easier, so the latest feature we implemented into the website are
Special offers and deals
Now you can see

  • what game bundles are currently on sale,
  • when they end,
  • and what Linux games are included.

Btw. the All Games page is now sortable by user vote and popularity again.


New website!

Hey fellow Linux gamers!

The new site is finally here! We worked very hard the last couple of days to present you with a well rounded experience. The new website should work well on mobile devises and big screens alike and apart from the obvious visual changes we also did some work in the background. We upgraded the website from Drupal 6 to 7 (some of you might know that this is not strait forward) and in that process some changes of the last days might have been lost. One bug is certain: some user pictures got lost or changed in the process. Pleas accept out apologies for that. But now take a look at the new Linux Game Database and prepare for the things yet to come (sort of).


lgdb gets an upgrade


LGDB will get a huge upgrade. During that time the current website will be unavailable from time to time, please apologize. We need the time for code and database updates and testing.
Not all current features will be ported right away (some might even be not ported at all) but we hope that after the upgrade we can target some longstanding bugs, squash new ones and introduce new things... well if all goes well.


Server Migration

Hi fellow Linux gaming enthusiasts,

most of you haven't missed the recent downtimes of this sites. In the beginning every second day but in the last week the site was more time offline than online. Those are hopefully problems of the past since the site was moved to a new server.

Peace, pheonton

1000 GET

Okay guys, the picture says it all:

It took a damn long time for us to achieve it, but here we are now. Today, on 23rd November of year 2011, LGDB contains one thousand entries. Yes.
Few words personally from me. I've joined LGDB about two years ago and it was only ~240 games big then (while happypenguin contained more than 3000 by that time). And it was a good luck to see more than 3 users here at the same time. Nevertheless, I liked the website and the way it was organised, so I decided to concentrate my efforts on supporting LGDB. Today, I think we've all done the great job, and I hope that people find LGDB as a good source of Linux-gaming related information.
I would like to thank pheonton for creating and constantly improving the website; everyone who submitted new games/tools/emulators/reviews/etc.; active users that comment, rate and suggest the games; everyone, who spreads the word about LGDB and Linux gaming in general on their blogs and websites. And of course, the biggest thanks goes for those who create Linux games. I believe that Linux will once become the true gaming platform.

And here's the game number 1000: The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbook

Why Flower Shop? There's no real reason, it just appeared in time. And I like flowers.


Database restore

We had to restore the database with a version from Saturday 24. Sept. 2011 9:40 UTC. Comments, submissions and user accounts created after that time are lost together with any other changes. We are very sorry if this has affected or is affecting you. Since 15:00 UTC today the website is functional again.