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Markup and Twitter

Time to write about the latest changes.
The user berserk9779 suggested some editor helpers, preferable with keyboard shortcuts in this forum thread. And now the buttons are implemented. I used the markItUp! editor. it is unobtrusive and easy to extend, i hope people don't get confused when they suddenly see some strong or em tags in their text. If one moves the mouse arrow over the editor icons the keyboard shortcut is displayed e.g. Ctrl+B for Bold.

LGDB is now on Twitter http://twitter.com/linuxgamedb and already has two followers yeah! A link to every new game or other content will be posted on Twitter and also if to already submitted content that is updated. This is still in an evaliation status so things migth change. Somethings i want to have are not possible and somethings i want to have are probably useless so feel free to make suggestions.

Every game page now has a link to get promoted on facebook, twitter and identi.ca.

Looking for Games?

There are two possibilities to look for games on this site

Using the "All Games" link:
List all games
or the search:
Search for games
(only showing games, sorted by last update.)

Since the last changes the search could become the default method to look for games. Despite all the benefits that are introduced with the faceted search, e.g making it possible to dynamically filter the search results, there are two drawbacks, it is not possible to sort the results by rating or last release.

My question for you is now, shall the search become the default method or not?

Here is a Poll for that question:
What method is better to look for games?

Greatly improved search

During the last weeks the search function on the site got some improvements and might become the default way to look for games and will eventually replace All Games.

The most important feature is the suggestion of similar words in the case of spelling e.g. a game name different from how it is spelled within lgdb.org. The suggestion can be found at the top of the search results. At the moment the search index has to be build so some words are still missing.

Another feature is a so called faceted search positioned at the right of the the search page. Now the search results can be filtered dynamically based on game attributes. One can even start with no search-word and look for games, just by applying the filters.

On the other hand its not possible to sort the search results by rating, title or when they where last updated.

Technical side note:
The drupal modules used in this case are: Search Lucene DidYouMean and Search Lucene API.

News section and submitted games

News section
By now all of you have seen the new section on the front page with news snippets from Free Gamer and Linux Gaming News, two of the most important news sites for Linux gamers! Together with news from game developers, you'll be up-to-date whats going on in the Linux gaming world and the latest changes for the games you play.

Submitted games
You will find a list of all the games you've submitted to the database on a tab labeled "My content" on your account page. If a new comment was added or the page received an update, you'll see a note next to the game name.

New section: Emulators

Thanks to lgdb.org user 4no1 you can now access a listing of emulators for several gaming platforms on linux.


The new section is just at the beginning and the look and the displayed information will change in the coming weeks. All users are now able to submit emulator entries to the database.

Spammers get deleted

Every user that posts comments with unrelated links gets deleted. Sorry if i make a mistake, i think they are just bots and i don't have the nerve to investigate any further. So if you hate me for that write me a feedback message.
If you have any idea how to protect the site maybe with a nice drupal module, let me know. Help is always appreciated.

New feature: Feeds

Ok, its not really a new feature, but the implementation is completely new. Now it is possible to enter a feed url when submitting a game to the database, or add it to existing entries. The headlines get aggregated and displayed on the game page and, with all other feed headlines on the [url=http://www.lgdb.org/feed_items]Game news[/url] page.

The aggregation interval 12 hours at the moment and that is also the time one has to wait before the feed is checked for the first time. Some feeds might not get aggregated at all, sadly the drupal method is very very picky.

Help fill the void

We need you help to write the game category descriptions. One of the last changes to the site was a window that pops up if you click on a category/term and holds the description of that category/term.
But as you might have noticed most of the descriptions are empty and thus, most of the fancy popups are useless... so please use your knowledge to fill in the void.

[url=/game_categories]Game categories[/url]

here you have an overview of all the terms used and what descriptions are missing, don't hesitate to correct or expand already existing ones.

You can write a comment, use the feedback form, the forum or send a pm to submit descriptions.

Thanks for your help.


New Admin

Welcome tuxplayer,

I want to formally introduce tuxplayer. He is the new game administrator for lgdb.org, taking care of the games listed approving new and updating existing content.
In the past weeks he was very busy adding new games to the database. On the other side he proposed some usability changes, some of them are already build and some need more time, hopefully it wont be to long cause i'm confident that they will increase the user experience.
Most of it is mention in the forum: http://www.lgdb.org/forum_topic/my_impressions

So stay tuned for improvements.

Private messages enabled

Hi all,

From now on all users can write and receive private messages.
You will receive a notification email when you got a private message, this feature can be disabled under "My messages".
i felt there is a need to inform and contact users of changes or updates committed to there games. so expect some stupid pm's from me, like: i uploaded a new picture.

Have fun,