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LGDB signatures

New custom signatures are out!

They display a list of games you play and you can use them for your posts on www.lgdb.org or anywhere else, of course do they get automatically updated if you play a new game!
You find your very own signature on your My account page, i also provided some sample code for BBCode and HTML for your convenience.
Start using them today! hehe.

What do you think? Any suggestion what i should change? A different background or layout?

Cheers, XOIE

The new look

Ok, the LGDB site got a shiny new outfit!
A nicer place for all the great native linux games that are already listed and the ones that will be added in the future!
Let me know what you think of it, and of course let me know if you experience any problems with the new layout.

(On a more technical side note: the new theme is based on the [url=http://drupal.org/project/framework]Framework[/url] theme.)

Back to normal!

Over the weekend the site was going mad... and what i thought where solutions made it worse. After restoring the database most of the links in the navigation menu where lost, e.g. creating new things... administrating old ones. They where not only lost form the menu but i weren't able to access the pages with direct links ether..... after some hours fiddling around with everything, i created a whole new site and restored the database from a backup.

Some pictures are missing, i take the opportunity to upgrade to a new gallery module, please apologize.

registration problems resolved

Today i got a message that the CAPTCHA used to check whether a new user is a spam bot, was not working correctly, I'm really sorry about that, i hope you where not to concerned, most of you are real humans!
i changed the CAPTCHA used for the validation process.

Linux Game Repository (djl) plugin

Yes! There is a LGDB plugin for the Linux game repository.
Go to Repository->Plugin manager and install Search Linux Game Database.
Now you search for games inside the application. The functionality is restricted to the basic functionality to ensure smooth performance.
Tell us what you think about this plugin.

Djl - Linux game repository

New repository information has been added to the Linux Game Database:
If you see this icon Djl on a game page you can get the game from the Linux game repository.

The Linux game repository can be used with any Linux distribution. Games can be installed directly from the repository but associated libraries need to be installed from your distribution repository and this has to be done manually.

Changes on LGDB

A lot is changing, something smaller and something greater, i hope no one is confused ;)
A part from cosmetic changes and usability improvements the whole image handling system will change. well, the process already started and since every database entry has to be updated manually it will take some time until everything is changed. Please apologise if the visual impression is inconsistent., or images are occasionally missing.

On a more technical side the Brilliant Gallery module will be ditched in favour of the Image Upload module, giving authorised users the opportunity to upload images. If you are interested you can take a look at all modules used: [url=http://www.lgdb.org/colophon]Colophon[/url].

New attribute

Games in early development are listed on the frontpage under [i]upcoming games[/i] sorted by anticipation. These games can not be rated but you can vote for them if you wait for the finished version.