LGDB news

New repository info

The information if a game is available as a binary package in the Ubuntu [img]http://www.lgdb.org/sites/default/files/category_pictures/tax_dis_ubu_sm... or Packman [img]http://www.lgdb.org/sites/default/files/category_pictures/tax_dis_pac_sm... (openSUSE packages) repositories has been added to the database....

The update process for Ubunut is complete, packman information will be done in the next days. More information can be found on the distribution attribute page at: [url]http://www.lgdb.org/taxonomy/vocabulary/19[/url]

LGDB on Debian Today

An article about this project was posted on the Debian news blog [url=http://www.debiantoday.com/]Debian Today[/url]. I'm especially happy about the second part cause a lot work was devoted to the filter methods and usability is a basic aspect. Filters only work if the content is properly categorized so point out the faults ;)
A [url=http://www.debiantoday.com/linux-game-database/]direct link[/url] to the news entry.

Submit a game

Every registered user can now [url=http://www.lgdb.org/node/add/game]create game content[/url]. This feature is just a test and probably not enough documented, comment if you encounter a problem.

Just provide as much information as you can, missing bits will be added later by LGDB staff, publishing a new game entry will also be done by staff.

Have fun!

New categories

In addition to the games that are listed on this site, there will be two additional section for game tools and for game engines. feel free to post a comment what tools and engines should be listed here.

Maybe a section game emulators will also come in the future (mhm... and wine and derivatives should also be listen somewhere haha ;))

New Login

You can now login with your OpneID, but apperently there are some problems if you have a blogspot.com account.

What you can do:

browse - discover new games.
comment - tell others what you think about a game
discuss - talk with other players.
rate - if you think you can judge, then do it!
review - write even more about a game.