1000 GET

Okay guys, the picture says it all:

It took a damn long time for us to achieve it, but here we are now. Today, on 23rd November of year 2011, LGDB contains one thousand entries. Yes.
Few words personally from me. I've joined LGDB about two years ago and it was only ~240 games big then (while happypenguin contained more than 3000 by that time). And it was a good luck to see more than 3 users here at the same time. Nevertheless, I liked the website and the way it was organised, so I decided to concentrate my efforts on supporting LGDB. Today, I think we've all done the great job, and I hope that people find LGDB as a good source of Linux-gaming related information.
I would like to thank pheonton for creating and constantly improving the website; everyone who submitted new games/tools/emulators/reviews/etc.; active users that comment, rate and suggest the games; everyone, who spreads the word about LGDB and Linux gaming in general on their blogs and websites. And of course, the biggest thanks goes for those who create Linux games. I believe that Linux will once become the true gaming platform.

And here's the game number 1000: The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbook

Why Flower Shop? There's no real reason, it just appeared in time. And I like flowers.



and thanks for the site!