Create lists of games

Hi all!

Today, i want to present to you a new feature. Lets imagine you get asked: what cool games are there on Linux? and cause you are a nice person you gather links, compile a list and show it to the questioner, or you just want to have YOUR list of the best games of 2011, or a list of the cutest characters, or whatever, you name it you crate it, now with the new list feature on

Go to the Create link, (only if you are logged in) and create a new list of games, give it a name, maybe a description and start adding games. you find your lists under My Content on your profile page.

All lists can be found here where all users can see the lists and can comment on them.

If the acceptance of this feature is high, lists will be displayed alongside games that are included in said list.

Have fun and go list!



Perhaps change the multiple select box to a list of games with checkboxes. At the moment hard to search for a game and select it.
btw most games are already in a list (eg specific genre, theme, etc.) what does this feature add? personal lists?

yes personal lists.
with checkboxes a complete list of all games need to be displayed witch is to long to be really usable. but maybe several autocomplete fields, where you type in the name of the game?