Greatly improved search

During the last weeks the search function on the site got some improvements and might become the default way to look for games and will eventually replace All Games.

The most important feature is the suggestion of similar words in the case of spelling e.g. a game name different from how it is spelled within The suggestion can be found at the top of the search results. At the moment the search index has to be build so some words are still missing.

Another feature is a so called faceted search positioned at the right of the the search page. Now the search results can be filtered dynamically based on game attributes. One can even start with no search-word and look for games, just by applying the filters.

On the other hand its not possible to sort the search results by rating, title or when they where last updated.

Technical side note:
The drupal modules used in this case are: Search Lucene DidYouMean and Search Lucene API.


For some reason search phrase 'ollie' does not find "Go Ollie!" game

Strange indeed, it seams that the Go Ollie! page was not indexed. I havn't noticed anything like that before, maybe its the case for other pages too.

EDIT: Rebuilding the search index did help.