LGDB signatures

New custom signatures are out!

They display a list of games you play and you can use them for your posts on www.lgdb.org or anywhere else, of course do they get automatically updated if you play a new game!
You find your very own signature on your My account page, i also provided some sample code for BBCode and HTML for your convenience.
Start using them today! hehe.

What do you think? Any suggestion what i should change? A different background or layout?

Cheers, XOIE


Really, awesome :D

Why so much emphasis on player though? Are you planning on adding different classes (dev, contributor etc.).

The background is nice too, but it would be really cool if we could support theming (Wesnoth theme etc.)

Also, a real-time update would be an end all feature, but that would be difficult.. Maybe once the new generation of linux game managers come out, heh

right, i was thinking of introducing a new role, (well i have done it already but it doesnt really mean anything for now.)
the name of the role is [i]Creator[/i] and it can be used for every one who is the author of or a contributer for a game. maybe you had something more fine grained in mind?

custom themes for the signatures is a nice idea, i will look into it, if the usage increases :)